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Our cross-cultural environment, state-of-the-art treatments and high quality healthcare at affordable cost are some of the many reasons why numerous patients from across the world choose to come to RMI for some of the most complex treatments


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Bringing Hope to Infertile Couples: Inside RMI's Centre of Reproductive Medicine | RMI

RMI's Centre of Reproductive Medicine (CRM) offers hope to infertile couples. Under the guidance of Dr. Roaida Shams and a team of experts including Dr. Faiza Rehman and Prof. Dr. Nasira Sahiba Dawood, CRM has helped numerous couples realize their dream of becoming parents. With advanced facilities and adherence to international standards of care, CRM is the ideal destination for your journey to parenthood. 

Understanding Infertility: Taking the First Steps Towards Conception | Dr Asia Habib

Infertility is a widespread problem in Pakistan, affecting both men and women. According to a study conducted by Ali et al. (2018), the prevalence of infertility in Pakistan is estimated to be around 21.9%. This alarming figure indicates that approximately one in five couples in the country face difficulties in conceiving a child.

Nasreen's Triumph: A Story of Hope, Love, and Medical Excellence

Nasreen's incredible journey showcases the extraordinary power of hope, love, and outstanding medical care. From facing daunting challenges to emerging triumphant, her story serves as a beacon of inspiration. Supported by her devoted family and a team of dedicated medical professionals, she embarked on a transformative path towards recovery.

Nasreen, a 60-year-old hailing from Bangladesh, embodies an awe-inspiring odyssey that magnifies the extraordinary power of hope, love, and exceptional medical care. From confronting formidable trials to emerging victorious, her story stands as a luminous testament of human resilience. Bolstered by an unwavering circle of adoring kin and team of RMI's medical professionals, she embarked on a transformative path towards complete recovery.


 Understanding infertility: overcoming hurdles, embracing hope

Understanding infertility: overcoming hurdles, embracing hope

In Pakistan, societal and cultural factors contribute significantly to the burden of infertility. The emphasis on procreation as a fundamental aspect of married life places immense pressure on couples struggling with infertility. Cultural norms and expectations often stigmatize infertile couples, leading to isolation, depression, and strained marital relationships. Additionally, gender roles and male infertility are frequently overlooked, with the burden of blame primarily falling on women

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Infertility in Pakistan: unveiling causes, overcoming challenges, and embracing hope

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