Our Mission  

Biomedical Engineering’s mission is to serve the humankind with safe and latest technology, including education, research & innovation to improve the health care system. 

“Medical devices are assets that directly affect human lives.”

Our Vision

Effective | Collaborative | Innovative | Competitive | Integrative 


Medical Equipment management in a hospital is the key function of Biomedical Engineering department.


Basic Objective of Biomedical Engineering is to ensure optimum performance as per manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure patient safety and to minimize risk to patients, employees and all stakeholders.

Medical equipment maintenance:  

Two major categories observed by BME


1.    Inspection and preventive maintenance (IPM)

IPM includes all scheduled activities that ensure equipment functionality and prevent breakdowns or failures. 
Performance and safety inspections are straightforward procedures that verify proper functionality and safe use of a device.

2.    Corrective maintenance (CM)

This activity restores the services of a faulty device and allows it to be put back into fully functional condition.

Our Strategic Priorities

Biomedical Engineering function holds the responsibility to provide effective solutions for healthcare technology, engineering services for clinical/medical devices operating through the Institute. The function has obligation for performing the following stated tasks:

•    Policy framework for health technology 
•    Maintaining of standard Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
•    Maintenance Management of Medical Equipment (Installation & Commissioning of new medical            equipment, Inspection, Equipment Uptime, preventive & Corrective maintenance)
•    Ensure critical equipment strategies with risk assessment plan are implemented and well monitored
•    Needs assessment of medical devices & Pre-Purchase Technical Appraisal for acquisition of
new modalities/equipment
•    Vendor /contract management
•    Budgetary Management
•    Root Cause Analysis
•    To provide user trainings for safe operating of Medical Equipment.
•    Technical training of BME staff to enhance the technical skills.
•    Updating the computerized database Inventory of medical equipment.
•    Management of Medical Equipment Life Cycle Planning.
•    Record keeping of equipment Log and peripheral documentations.