RMI Pharmacy services meet international standards of quality and care. In accordance with the ISO guidelines & offering services 24 hours and seven days a week, it plays a pivotal role in direct patient care and provides a standardized system-based approach by concentrating on safe, accurate and efficient utilization of medications.


The pharmacy is available to all patients 24 hours a day & 7 day a week. 

Team Members

The staff at RMI Pharmacy understand that patient care is more than just quick prescription fills. The RMI Pharmacy will provide you with customized care to help you manage your overall wellness from head to toe.

Whether you have questions about your medications or your medical conditions, you can sit down with a pharmacist who will give you the attention you deserve and take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns — just like a good pharmacist should do.


Our pharmacies are trusted for delivering high quality and authentic medicines. We have a team of highly qualified pharmacists and technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable about the medicines we dispense.

Our pharmacists are trained to offer counselling to our patients to ensure that they receive the maximum therapeutic effect from their medicines, avoid any reactions or harmful effects and clearly understand the side effects.

  • Drug Poison & Information Center

  • Ambulatory Services

  • In-patient Services

  • Education and Training Services

  • Extemporaneous Compounding Section & I/V Admixture Services.


Drug Poison & Information Center

With all the tasks in a pharmacist’s day, you may feel shy about interrupting and asking questions or getting a private counseling session. But it’s important to remember that pharmacists are specifically trained to speak with you about how to use your medicine correctly and safely.

Pharmacists provide round the clock service to the clinicians, nurses, fellow pharmacists, allied health care providers and patients, which ultimately results in proper drug dosage and usage.

The RMI DPIC can be contacted at (Ext.) 3131.

Ambulatory Service

Through Out-patient services, Department of Pharmacy Services caters ambulatory care patients of RMI as well as from outside the hospital by providing them the quality assured medicines against the prescription through patient counseling by registered pharmacists.

In-Patients Pharmacy

we provide computerised unit doses to admitted patients and serve take-home medication to discharged patients at this facility. Offering clinical pharmacy services to ensure Nursing Education, Floor stocks, transfer kits and crash cart management etc., Stat order and modified unit dose drug dispensing, Provision of drug information

Education and Training Services

A comprehensive one-year residency program has been designed through which a pharmacist is selected based on a screening test and evaluation, which allows tremendous growth both in clinical knowledge base as well as professional development.

A specialized Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship program for fresh Pharm-D graduates from various Universities of the KP has been designed ensure the pharmacist are ready to uptake the challenges and responsibilities that are required for modern pharmacy practices.

Internship program for undergraduates & graduates level has been particularly oriented which establishes an understanding about Pharmacy Practices and Pharmaco-Therapy for understanding the basics of Hospital pharmacy.

Extemporaneous Compounding Section & I/V Admixture Services

Compound a wide array of non-sterile and sterile products such as ointment, creams, lotions, syrups, capsules, injectables, which are prepared in accordance to patient needs to ensure maximum effectiveness of the prescribed drugs.

Well-equipped and duly observing the same safety instructions which is internationally required. The drugs are prepared in Laminar Flow cabinet. It provides accurate and ready to administer sterile I/V medicines to the admitted and daycare patients in the hospital.