RMC Secures Top Spot at Thrilling Second RMI Sports Gala

 RMC Secures Top Spot at Thrilling Second RMI Sports Gala

The Rehman Medical Institute's (RMI) Directorate of Sports concluded its second inter-college sports competition on a high note with a colorful ceremony on Friday. The week-long event saw enthusiastic participation in cricket, Futsal, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and volleyball.

Capt. Khalid Mahmood, Director General of Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), graced the occasion as the chief guest. He emphasized the importance of healthy activities for raising a healthy mind. Capt. Mahmood highlighted PDA's commitment to providing youth with access to good sporting facilities.

CEO RMI, Shafique Ur Rehman, took the opportunity to speak about the economic benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He pointed out that a significant portion of healthcare costs could be avoided by adopting healthier habits, making sports participation a win-win situation for individuals and the nation.

CEO RMI further stressed the role of sports as a national indicator. He urged the audience to promote sports and adopt healthy lifestyles. He emphasized the need to encourage youth to move away from mobile phones and engage in physical activities. Mr. Rehman proposed offering scholarships to attract talented athletes who could represent RMI at the institute level. He expressed his hope that the annual sports gala would continue to grow and attract wider participation.

He acknowledged the fortunate availability of new government-built sporting facilities located near RMI, further enhancing the institute's sports infrastructure.

The ceremony concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony. Student organizers, followed by the main staff organizers, were recognized for their contributions. The prestigious event culminated with the chief guest awarding trophies and medals to the winning teams.

Winners of RMI Gala

The winner of RMI gala is Rehman Medical College (RMC) with a total of 90 points. RMC garnered points across various categories including Cricket (Male), Futsal (Female), Basketball (Male and Female), Volleyball (Male and Female), Table Tennis (Singles and Doubles - Male and Female), and Badminton (Singles and Doubles - Male and Female).

The second runner up is Rehman College of Allied Health Sciences (RCAHS) with a total of 60 points. RCAHS gained points in Cricket (Male), Futsal (Female), Basketball (Male), Volleyball (Male and Female), and Badminton (Singles and Doubles - Male).

The other two teams, Rehman College of Dentistry (RCD) and Rehman College of Nursing (RCN), scored 35 and 25 points respectively. RCD got points in Cricket (Male), Basketball (Male and Female), Table Tennis (Singles and Doubles Male), and Badminton (Singles Male and Doubles Male). While RCN scored points only in Basketball (Female) and Table Tennis (Doubles Male).