lABORATORY-Diagnostic Services-RMI-Rehman Medical Institute

Two types of patients come here for the medical advice:

1. Who are already diagnosed outside RMI. After the clinical examination, the necessary investigations are carried out.

2. If a patient is not diagnosed but is sent as a doubtful case by a physician or referred to by another patient. After their clinical examination and necessary investigations, biopsies are taken by the respective department. They are sent to the histopathology department, where histopathological examinations and various tumour marker studies are conducted.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed. Staging workup is done with the help of C.T scan & MRI. Then these cases are discussed with the Multidisciplinary Team. Where there are consultants of other specialisations like histopathology, radiology, surgery, medicine & oncology to them according to their age & stage of the disease.