Endoscopy is the visual inspection of the interior of the gut through the use of an endoscope. A small caliber tube containing fibers or video optics is inserted through the mouth allowing the endoscopist to view the Upper and Lower Gastro intestinal tract.

The RMI is introducing a video endoscopic recording system where the patient will be given a recorded video of the examination carried out.

Following simple and therapeutic endoscopy procedures are carried out at RMI.

  • OGD (Oesophago-gastro- duodenoscopy)
  • Colonoscopy (Examination of large Gut)
  • ERCP (Endoscopic- retrograde-pancreatography)

The following therapeutic procedures are performed.

  • Simple examination
  • Removal of a tissue sample for biopsy
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Removal of a polyp (polypectomy)
  • Stopping bleeding from varices, Gastric and duodenal ulcers.(sclerotherapy and banding)
  • a-v malformation
  • Removal of stones from CBD
  • Putting stents in CBD, CPD, oesophagus and duodenum
  • Dilatation of strictures in upper and lower gastrointestinal