Breast Care Unit Hosts Workshop on Breast Oncoplasty

Breast Care Unit Hosts Workshop on Breast Oncoplasty

The Breast Care Unit (BCU) at Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) on June 5 held a comprehensive workshop titled "Mastering the Fundamentals of Breast Oncoplasty." This day-long activity offered healthcare professionals an in-depth exploration of critical aspects in breast oncoplasty, combining interactive learning with practical skill development.

Designed for an interactive experience, the workshop featured case-based discussions led by a distinguished panel of experts. Dr. Sadia Nazeem, Head of RMI-BCU, Dr. Aman Nawaz, Head of Interventional Radiology, Dr. Amjad Ali, Assistant Professor & Consultant Breast & General Surgeon, Dr. Bibi Aliya, Associate Professor of Clinical Skills, and Dr. Ummara Siddiq, Associate Professor of Radiology, shared their combined expertise to equip participants with a well-rounded understanding of breast oncoplasty.

Postgraduates from various hospitals participated in this first-ever fundamentals of breast oncoplasty workshop organized in close collaboration with Rehman Medical College (RMC). This event was coordinated by final-year RMC students, with Mrs. Zeba Rehman serving as the esteemed chief guest.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, the workshop also featured practical skill development through hands-on sessions. Participants actively engaged in practicing oncoplastic procedures on breast models, solidifying their understanding and refining their technical abilities. This focus on practical application ensures participating healthcare professionals can translate their learnings into improved patient care.

This successful workshop exemplifies RMI's dedication to advancing medical education within the region. By providing top-tier educational programs, RMI empowers healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and techniques, ultimately enhancing the quality of care delivered to patients.