Home Health Services

Home Health Services

People increasingly expect ease and choices in all things. Healthcare is no different. RMI is committed to enhancing the healthcare experience in the region by providing Home Health Services. These services are introduced for patient safety and ease.

RMI offers the following Home Health Services:


RMI offers nursing services for patients who need medical assistance at home, including timely medication, major and minor dressing, stitch removal, Intra Muscular / Subcu Injection, Intravenous Injection, IV Cannula Insertion, Urinary catheter, Nursing Assessment, IV Fluids 4-8 Hours, Changing Position back care and Mouth Care, Hygiene/ Sponging and bed bath and many others.


RMI offers both blood and urine sample collection from your home. Our competent team has been equipped with the testing kits and collection tubes to collect samples from your doorsteps.  

Physical Therapy

Our qualified and experienced physical therapists will now come to you, to provide therapy and rehabilitation of neurological problems, pain management, orthopaedic postoperative rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, and geriatric care.

RMI COVID-19 Home Care Program

RMI has started an in-home monitoring program for COVID-19 patients who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. The program will facilitate patients who are COVID-19 positive but not sick enough to be hospitalised. The home-based monitoring provides dedicated care to COVID patients without any delays or waiting time for the availability of a hospital bed.

Covid-19 Home Care Package Details (3 Days Care Plan)

How to Enroll in the COVID-19 Home Monitoring Program?

You can be enrolled for the program either:

  • At the time of discharge from RMI / OPD department
  • After online consultation with RMI doctors (if your COVID-19 PCR test is positive)
  • Once referred by the doctor for the home monitoring program, the patient/ family needs to sign a consent form for enrollment.

Daily Care Plan (3 Days)

  • Daily home visit by nursing staff (3 days) for:

        - Monitoring of vital signs

        - Insertion of an intravenous (IV) cannula or nasogastric tube

        - Administration of IV antibiotics

        - Intramuscular injections

        - Nebulizers

  • Daily online consultation with RMI Specialist
  • Home collection of samples for the laboratory tests
  • Delivery of medicines to the patient home
  • Delivery of necessary nursing supplies to the patient

Additional Charges

  • Oxygen will be additionally charged.
  • The Refundable Deposit for the cylinder will be charged separately.
  • Lab tests and medication will be charged separately on actuals.
  • Nebulisation related medicines will be charged on actuals.
  • Consultant’s visit if needed will be charged.

Process for Booking Services

To avail RMI Home Health Services; 
Call: 091-5838666

Book your required services and wait for a confirmation message.
Our qualified professionals will visit you at their earliest to fulfil your request. 


Monday to Sunday

Ramadan timings

Monday to Sunday 
24 hours 

Monday to Sunday 
8am to 10pm 

Physical Therapy 
Monday to Sunday 
9am to 4pm 


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