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RMI has entered the modern world of high throughput human genetics by adding on the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) facilities to the RMI Center for Genomic Sciences. This brings RMI up to date with international standards of human genetic diagnostics and research. It also provides patients of genetic diseases (including cancers) an advanced facility, which is currently not available in Pakistan. The NGS testing facility is the only recognized option for both diagnosis and prognosis of a wide variety of cancers that can be targeted by specific gene-based drug therapy.
Error detections in genes can be helpful in determining various diseases such as cancer and can lead to better and robust treatment. Next Generation (NextGen) sequencing technologies such as Miseq machine can be effectively deployed to counter genetic diseases.  Detection of cancer and other genetic diseases and personalizing their treatment is now possible using NextGen sequencing technologies.
RMI Peshawar has recently acquired such a machine to effectively deal with many known and unknown genetic diseases and provide world class treatment to its patients.
RMI became the first institute in Pakistan to deploy Miseq, a cutting edge machine to train new scientists, provide diagnostic services to patients and further explore unknown genetic diseases.
NextGen sequencing is a paradigm shift in prevention, detection, and treatment of genetic conditions. In addition to diverse uses in Biological Sciences, it is being used successfully in the following medical fields:

  • Cancer genetics, diagnosis, treatment & prognosis
  • Reproductive Medicine & Infertility
  • Paediatric congenital diseases & cancers
  • Infectious diseases & Microbiology
  • HLA typing and organ transplantation
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Genetic diseases e.g., thalassemia
  • Targeted Disease Diagnosis

Having acquired such cutting edge technology, RMI will not only create jobs, train medical & biological scientists but also become the only facility in leading the way to making personalised medicine a reality in Pakistan. RMI has successfully acquired the services of Dr. Johar Ali, PhD., the only Pakistani origin scientist who has participated in the prestigious Human Genome Project in USA to make personalized medicine a reality.


Dr. Johar Ali
Head, Center for Genomic Sciences
Tel #  +92-91-5838000 (Ext: 5227,5029,5027)