RMI and CECOS University Leaders Visit Precision Medicine Lab

RMI and CECOS University Leaders Visit Precision Medicine Lab

The Chairman Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rehman, and the President of CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences, Engr. Tanveer Javed, on 23 May visited the Precision Medicine Lab (PML) at RMI.

Dr. Faisal Khan, the Principal Investigator and Director of PML, delivered a detailed presentation outlining the initial goals and the achievements made over the past six years at the lab.  
The delegation included several notable figures such as the CEO of RMI, Shafique Ur Rehman, the Chief Operating Officer Col. (Retd.) Tariq Khan, the Dean of RMI, Prof. Dr. Shahzada Bakhtyar Zahid, Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmad, the Vice President of CECOS University, Engr. Sohaib Tanveer, the Vice Chancellor of CECOS University, Prof. Dr. Fazal Subhan, and the Dean of CECOS University, Prof. Dr. Fazal Subhan.

The Precision Medicine Lab is a collaborative ventures located at RMI in Peshawar. It is an affiliate of the federally funded National Centre for Big Data and Cloud Computing. The lab is an interdisciplinary and translational research facility that brings together young professionals from various fields to address critical issues in the healthcare system. This team includes doctors, engineers, data scientists, computer scientists, microbiologists, and molecular biologists.

One of the key areas of work at PML is the BioRepository, which focuses on preserving blood, tumor, and microbiome samples, along with primary cell lines derived from each patient. This repository serves as a vital resource for ongoing and future research. The Cancer Genomics initiative at PML involves reading out the total DNA (genome) from each tumor sample of cancer patients from the local population. This genomic data is crucial for understanding the genetic basis of cancer in the region.

Systems Medicine is another critical focus of the lab. This involves developing a ‘multi-omics’ data stack and integrating it with clinical data to predict new drug targets and indications. This approach aims to create comprehensive models of disease processes. Additionally, the Drug Screening workstream at PML is focused on the experimental validation of results from cancer genomics by developing functional assays and drug screens. This helps in identifying effective treatments for cancer patients.

The Precision Medicine Lab's contributions are pivotal in advancing healthcare by leveraging the expertise of multidisciplinary teams and state-of-the-art technology. The visit by the leadership of Rehman Medical Institute and CECOS University underscores the importance of this collaborative effort in driving innovation and improving patient outcomes.