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interventional radiology

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a medical specialisation that involves the use of medical imaging such as X-rays, MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), scans, fluoroscopy (an X-ray procedure that makes it possible to see internal organs in motion), CT (computed tomography) scans and ultrasounds to guide minimally invasive surgical procedures that diagnose, treat and cure different conditions. Interventional radiology procedures can be less expensive, less painful, less risky and recovery time is shorter compared to the traditional surgeries.

The Rehman Medical Institute Interventional Radiology (IR) Center is the first dedicated IR center in KP. In this center we perform image guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for cardiovascular conditions as well as a broad range of services for patients with cancer, pain, diabetes, liver, kidney, and other conditions.

Some examples of IR procedures are;

Angioplasty – repair or unblocking of blood vessels 
Stenting – small mesh tubes that treat narrow or weak arteries
Thrombolysis – dissolving blood clots 
Radiofrequency Ablation – used to reduce nerve pain 
Biopsies – studies of tissues 
Embolization - block blood flow to cancer cells.

•    Interventional Radiologists
•    Radiology Department Assistants (RDAs)
•    Nurses / MDT Coordinator / Clinical Coordinators (CC)
•    Radiographers who help coordinate your care and answer questions.

Following are the procedures offered in the department of Interventional Radiology

  • Trans arterial Chemoembolization Liver (TACE) for HCC, NET metastases and Colorectal cancer metastases
  • Trans arterial embolization of Liver (TAE) for HCC, NET metastases and Colorectal cancer metastases
  • Percutaneous Cholangiogram
  • Percutaneous Biliary Stenting
  • Percutaneous Biliary Drainage
  • Transplant Percutaneous Biliary drainage
  • Post-transplant Cholangiogram and Cholangioplasty
  • Percutaneous Cholecystostomy
  • Esophageal stent placement
  • Gastro Jejunostomy Placement
  • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Liver and Lung lesions
  • Percutaneous ethanol Ablation of HCC Liver
  • Trans-jugular Liver Biopsy
  • Gastrostomy Placement
  • Esophageal Dilatation for strictures
  • Balloon gastrostomy placement
  • Colonic Stent Placement
  • Duodenal stent placement
  • Trans-jugular Porto Systemic Shunt (TIPS)
  • Central Venous Cath Tunneled
  • Peripherally Inserted Central Cath
  • Hepatic Venous Recanalization
  • Portacath Placement
  • Portacath Removal
  • Percutaneous Nephrostomy
  • Antegrade Ureteric Stent placement
  • Permacath Insertion
  • Venography Upper Extremities
  • Angiography and angioplasty AV Fistula/Graft
  • Thrombolysis of AV Fistula/Graft
  • Embolization Gonadal Vein
  • Transjugular Renal Biopsy
  • Caudal Block
  • Nerve Root Block
  • Facet Joint Injection
  • Bone/Spine biopsies
  • RFA of benign and malignant bone lesions
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • Omental Biopsies       
  • Embolization for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
  • Angioplasty peripheral + stenting
  • Angioplasty Peripheral
  • Angiography Carotid
  • Angiography Carotid + Stenting
  • Angioplasty/Stenting Renal
  • Angiography/Angioplasty/Stenting Visceral Vessels
  • Filter Placement IVC
  • Intravascular Thrombolysis
  • Embolization of Visceral vessels for upper and lower GI hemorrhage
  • Portal Vein embolization
  • Splenic artery embolization
  • Endovascular Laser Therapy for varicose veins (EVLT)
  • Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair (EVAR/TEVAR)
  • Endovascular Stenting for Coarctation of Aorta 
  • Venous Stenting
  • Intra-Vascular Foreign Body Retrieval
  • Percutaneous Thrombin Injection for Pseudoaneurysm
  • AVM embolization
  • Embolization of vascular tumors preoperatively
  • CT guided drainage-Complex
  • US guided drainage-Complex
  • CT guided biopsy-Simple
  • US guided biopsy-Simple
  • FNAC
  • Cyst Ablation (U/S Guided)
  • Endoluminal vascular biopsies (IVC/SVC)
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