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RMI Pathology Function is privileged to assert to be the only facility in the province to house state of art and latest equipment. The department is capable of performing more than 300 different tests in different fields of pathology.



  • For facilitation of patients round the clock services are provided with ensuring internal quality standards by means of quality control materials. All consumables are accredited by International standards.  
  • Patients are served swiftly and proficiently by means computerized laboratory systems. 
  • Records of every patient, test results generation are accomplished through computerized mechanism to reduce human error and retain registration process in prompt and accurate manner.


Minimal human contact

We have used bidirectional interfacing to minimize human handling hence decreasing the chances of error and assuring the appropriate results.


Sampling and analysis process

As soon as the patient is registered at laboratory reception, a unique barcode is generated with specific details of the patient and requested analytics, barcodes are then pasted on specific tubes in which the samples of the patient are collected according to the specified guidelines. These patient specific barcodes on the tubes help to track the sample at any stage and to perform analyses of requested tests with minimal chances of test missing, sample mixing or wrong test processing.


Assuring the Accuracy

We are assuring the result accuracy with low turnaround time and reliable results by analyzing the Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other body fluids on automation by using bidirectional interfacing. 

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