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The Oncology department at RMI is an established department providing services to the patients of KP, Punjab and Afghanistan, covering a total population of about 30-40 million. 

It provides diagnostic & treatment facilities for the cancer patients, both outdoors & indoors. The services which it provides are at par with the other renowned centers of the country like Shaukat Khanum, Shifa International and Agha Khan Hospital.  

The Oncology department is in close collaboration with other units like surgery, medicine, ENT, gynecology and pediatric units, histopathology, radiology and intensive care unit, all under one roof.

Team members: 

Our oncology team has highly qualified oncologists along with supporting staff of pharmacists, registrars and nursing staff. Our experts are:

  • Prof. Dr. Sher Muhammad Khan   HOD 
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid


Many patients suffering from lymphoma, leukemia, breast cancer, gynecological cancer and testicular cancers are treated and cured at RMI. Other patients who are in advance stages are treated with palliative results. 

  • Acute Leukemia 
  • Chronic Leukemia 
  • Hodgkins Disease
  • Carcinoma Testis 
  • Non- Hodgkin Lymphomas
  • Sarcomas
  • Head & Neck Cancers 
  • Esophagus Cancer 
  • Stomach Cancer 
  • Colorectal Cancer 
  • Ovarian Cancer 
  • Gynecological Cancer 
  • Pediatric Cancer
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer 
  • Prostate Cancer 
  • Gall Bladder Cancer 
  • Pancreatic Cancer 
  • Liver Cancers
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