Dr. Abdul Wahid

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid

Dr. Abdul Wahid is associated with Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) as Consultant Oncologist since 2012. Dr. Wahid has nearly five decades of working experience with renowned health institutes in Paris, Lahore and Quetta. After his graduation in 1975, he joined Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (IRNUM), Peshawar, and served as medical officer from 1977 till 1980.

He remained deputy chief medical officer and later consultant oncologist at IRNUM and helped establish radiotherapy meeting international high standards. In 2005, Dr Wahid joined SINOR Swat as director designate and helped plan and supervise establishing a new oncology center in Saidu-Sharif, Swat, before joining RMI.

  • Timings :
    12:00 pm ~ 04:00 pm
  • Department: Oncology
  • Designation: Associate Professor & Consultant


  • Breast Cancer

  • Blood Cancer

  • Gynaecological Cancer



  • Lymphoma Cancer


  • MBBS
  • DMO


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Professional membership

Professional Membership
  • Life member of Radiologist Society of Pakistan
  • ESMO