Sadiq Shah

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Shah

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Shah is an esteemed Consultant Gastroenterologist at Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), widely recognised for his exceptional contributions in the field. He holds an MBBS degree, along with the distinguished FRCP (Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians) and a Fellowship in Gastroenterology from Japan, highlighting his commitment to excellence and unparalleled expertise.

Dr. Shah is a pioneer of Gastroenterology in the region, with unparalleled expertise and experience in the field. He has published 14 research articles in multiple national and international journals, showcasing his unwavering dedication to advancing the field. 

His remarkable achievements in Gastroenterology have earned him numerous accolades and honors. He is a distinguished member of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and is associated with prestigious medical organizations such as the Pakistan Medical Research Council, Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology & GI Endoscopy, and Pakistan Liver Study Group, where he is a founding member.

 Dr. Shah's affiliation with RMI has further elevated his status as a leading Gastroenterologist in the region. His patient-centered approach and unparalleled expertise have earned him a 100% patient satisfaction rate, highlighting his exceptional skill and dedication to providing high-quality care. Overall, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Shah's extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and affiliation with RMI make him one of the most prominent figures in the field of Gastroenterology in Pakistan.


  • Diagnostic OGD and Colonoscopy

  • Therapeutics procedures

    Variceal Danding 

    Gastric Sclerotherapy 

    Gastric Injection, Haemo-clips, 

    Esophageal Stenting, Dilatation, 

    Duodenal Stenting 

    Balloon Dilatation


    Colonic Stenting 

  • ERCP


  • MBBS
  • MRCP
  • FRCP

Professional membership

Professional Membership
  • Member Pakistan Medical Research Council.
  • Life Member Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy.
  • Founder Member Pakistan Liver Study Group
  • President, Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology and GIE, 1987-89