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Accident and Emergency - Rehman Medical Institute

Accident and Emergency


Traumas and medical emergencies can happen anytime. Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) is one of the only private hospitals in Peshawar to have a comprehensive Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department managed by specialist doctors and highly trained emergency medicine team.

Our 16-bed state-of-the-art A&E department is also equipped with advanced equipment, thus, offering optimum chances of survival and recovery in life-threatening emergencies. We have facilities like ventilators, cardiac monitors, central oxygen supply, splints, and slabs to effectively deal with emergencies.

The department, fully linked with other supporting departments of the hospital, excels in rapid response services to cope with any catastrophe in the city, including bomb blasts, fatal road accidents, and natural calamities.

Using the most advanced technology, we also take care of cardiac, trauma, mental illness, asthma, pediatric emergencies, strokes, and other life-threatening emergencies. Moreover, at RMI, our medical professionals are trained to carefully handle victims suffering from trauma because of multiple injuries in unfortunate disasters.

The department is easily accessible with a dedicated entrance and a ramp to transfer patients to emergency room on stretchers and wheelchairs. Moreover, we maintain a safe and productive environment and our quality healthcare with optimal outcomes meets the evolving needs of the community.

Faithful to our tradition, the A&E department at RMI assures that patients are assessed, treated, admitted or discharged within a lowest possible time. We pride ourselves on saving lives with our 24/7 services.


Common conditions we treat

Casualties of all categories including bomb blasts

Roadside accidents

Heart attack


Asthma attack, etc.

Our Experts


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