RMI Simulation Week: Equipping Healthcare Professionals with Life-Saving Skills

RMI Simulation Week: Equipping Healthcare Professionals with Life-Saving Skills

In a week-long intensive training program, RMI Simulation Week provided valuable hands-on experience and knowledge to healthcare professionals, enhancing their clinical practice and preparing them for diverse medical scenarios.

The program comprised six dedicated days, each focused on a specific area of expertise:

Day 1: Cardiac Intervention Workshop

Led by Dr. Mohsin Shabir, Consultant Cardiologist, this workshop equipped participants with practical skills in cardiac intervention procedures, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Day 2: BLS Session

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Wahid, Associate Dean, Mr. Zulfeqar Ali, and Mr. Ammar Khan facilitated this session, instructing participants on high-quality CPR techniques for adults and infants, underscoring the significance of the AHA Chain of Survival, early AED use, and teamwork in multi-rescuer resuscitation.

Day 3: Ultrasound Simulation Workshop

Focusing on the Sono Sim Ultrasound Simulator, Dr. Madiha Pervaiz, Senior Resident Radiology, and Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ghous, Head of Radiology, provided participants with valuable training in ultrasonography for abdomen and pelvis, including principles, equipment, sound wave interactions, and interpretation.

Day 4: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) using REALITi 360

Dr. Saba Saeed, Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia, and Dr. Javed Khan, Assistant Professor in A&E, along with their team, facilitated this workshop, covering essential topics like basic life support, recognition and management of cardiac arrest, peri-arrest conditions, airway management, and effective communication in resuscitation teams.

Day 5: Hands-on Training for Consultants, Supervisors, Trainees, and House Officers

In collaboration with Medinostic Health Care (Pvt.) Ltd., this day featured workshops on Basic Life Support, endovascular procedures, ultrasound techniques, and critical care scenarios, benefiting over 120 participants from various KP institutions.

Day 6: BLS Training for Students

The Dean Office of RMI organized a special session for 9th and 10th-grade students, emphasizing the importance of early exposure to CPR and its potential to save lives. The interactive session taught students how to perform chest compressions and ventilation, equipping them with essential BLS skills.

A Week of Learning and Collaboration

Throughout the week, participants actively engaged in hands-on training, simulations, and discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The workshops emphasized the crucial role of effective communication, teamwork, and debriefing in enhancing clinical practice and improving patient care.

Certificates Awarded and Skills Honed

Each session culminated in a certificate distribution ceremony, acknowledging the participants' dedication and acquired skills. The program aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and confidence to handle diverse medical scenarios effectively, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and a safer, more prepared community.

RMI Simulation Week emphasizes RMI's commitment to continuous learning and professional development for its staff. By providing access to advanced simulation technology and expert instructors, RMI fosters a culture of excellence within its healthcare workforce.