RMI Raises Thalassemia Awareness

RMI Raises Thalassemia Awareness

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) on Wednesday held Thalassemia Awareness event to educate the community about this devastating genetic blood disorder.

Dr. Riaz Anwar, Special Advisor to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Chief Minister on Health, graced the event as guest of honor. Addressing the gathering, he emphasized the critical need to raise public awareness about thalassemia as a means of combatting the disease's prevalence. He urged the public to undergo thalassemia screenings, particularly before marriage, to safeguard future generations from its devastating consequences.

The CEO of RMI highlighted his institute's ongoing efforts in thalassemia prevention and awareness. He informed that RMI is committed to screening more than two thousand students, and later they will work as ambassadors to bolster the campaign against thalassemia. In the next phase, employees of the institute will be screened.

Dr. Shah Taj Khan, Head of Pathology at RMI, drew attention to the lack of government-level data on thalassemia, despite its prevalence. She pointed out that by venturing into every district in the province, children affected by thalassemia can be identified. Dr. Khan expressed concern over the higher incidence of thalassemia in Peshawar, Quetta, Kohat, and Mardan, where screening and awareness programs remain underrepresented.

The Thalassemia Awareness event at the RMI serves as a step towards addressing the challenges posed by this debilitating disease. By raising awareness and promoting early detection, the organizers of the event hoped to reduce the impact of thalassemia on the community.