RMI Promotes Employee Well-Being through Exciting Sports Gala

RMI Promotes Employee Well-Being through Exciting Sports Gala

The Rahman Medical Institute (RMI) launched the much-anticipated Sports Gala, a thrilling event aimed at supporting the physical and mental health of its staff.

This two-week-long gala will feature participation from over a hundred players, encompassing both men and women, who will compete in three different sports: Cricket, badminton, and table tennis. This tournament has ignited enthusiasm and team spirit among RMI staff members.

CEO of RMI, Shafique ur Rahman, inaugurated the event, highlighting RMI's dedication to cultivating a lively, active, and healthy workplace for its staff. The opening ceremony occurred in the RMI's Directorate of Sports Auditorium, a suitable venue for this exceptional event. Athletes were furnished with sports kits to ensure they are well-prepared to give their best performances in the competitions. Additionally, the event's trophies were unveiled, adding an element of healthy competition and motivation for the athletes.

During his address to the audience, CEO RMI emphasized the crucial importance of supporting the physical and mental health of individuals in the medical field. He acknowledged the demanding conditions under which medical professionals work and reiterated RMI's commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its staff.

Dr. Muhammad bin Afsar Jan, Director of the RMI Sports Directorate, also shared his insights during the event. He mentioned that the RMI Sports Directorate has exciting plans to diversify the range of sports included in the Staff Sports Gala, catering to the diverse interests and talents of RMI employees. Dr. Muhammad praised RMI's long-standing tradition of promoting sports and physical activity as an integral part of its organizational culture.