RMI Collaborates with EOC KP to Observe World Polio Awareness Day

RMI Collaborates with EOC KP to Observe World Polio Awareness Day

RMI collaborated with EOC KP to observe World Polio Awareness Day in a dedicated effort to raise awareness about the preventable disease of polio.

The event was a tribute to World Polio Awareness Day and saw participation from prominent figures in the field. Abdul Basit, Special Secretary of Health (Polio Eradication Program), was the chief guest. In his address, Mr. Basit emphasized the crucial role of public education in promoting polio vaccination.

The session featured enlightening talks about the significance of polio vaccination by notable experts, including Dr. Naveed from the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Sami, a Consultant in Dermatology at Khyber Teaching Hospital, Prof. Muhammad Aqeel Khattak, a Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Saima Abid, President of the Public Health Association KP, Dr. Sarfaraz, Provincial Team Lead at WHO, and Ms. Shadab, Communication Officer at UNICEF. Additionally, Abdul Rauf Roheela, Provincial President of the Rotary Club, contributed valuable insights.

Students from RMI educational institutes also played an important role in the event by delivering speeches, adding to the depth of the discussions.

This collaborative effort underscores our belief that through increased awareness and widespread immunization, we can make a lasting impact on the journey to eradicate polio. Together, we can strive to create a polio-free world.