Joint Post FCPS Advanced Head & Neck Surgical Fellowship Programme

Joint Advanced Post FCPS Head & Neck Surgical Fellowship

Rehman Medical Institute, in collaboration with Northwest General Hospital, officially inaugurated the "Joint Post FCPS Advanced Head & Neck Surgical Fellowship Programme".

The programme aims to train postgraduate fellows in advanced techniques for head and neck surgeries.

Prof. Dr. Shahzada Bakhtyar Zahid (Dean, RMI) and Prof. Dr. Sidra Jabbar (Dean, NWGH) addressed the audience and shed light on the importance of the fellowship programme that will be supervised under their excellence.

Mr. Shafique Ur Rehman (CEO, RMI) and Dr. Tariq Khan Hashim (Chairman, AHL) also shared their views regarding the initiative.

Dignitaries such as Prof. Dr. Zia Ul Haq (Vice Chancellor, Khyber Medical University), Dr. Zubair Durrani (Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, RMI) Prof. Dr. Mohibullah (Consultant ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon, NWGH) were also present at the event to commence this great partnership between two leading tertiary level institutes in the region.