Celebrating Success: RMI KTU Honors Kidney Transplant Fellows

Celebrating Success: RMI KTU Honors Kidney Transplant Fellows

The Kidney Transplant Unit (KTU) at Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) – a prominent institution in the region for kidney transplants – awarded certificates to Dr. Muneeb Hassan and Dr. Qaiser Iqbal for completing their fellowships in the intricate field of kidney transplantation.

Their achievement was commemorated during a ceremony attended by eminent medical professionals, including the Head of KTU, Dr. Taqi Taufeeq Khan, and the Head of RMI's Department of Urology, Dr. Nisar Anwar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Taqi Taufeeq Khan commended both fellows for their commitment, perseverance, and exceptional skills. During their training, they received firsthand exposure and experience by working alongside seasoned doctors, actively participating in transplant procedures, and maintaining logbooks of over 180 kidney transplants.

Dr. Khan mentioned that KTU is one of the few institutions in Pakistan that can provide comprehensive training in the field of kidney transplants. He added that even on a global scale, he struggled to find an environment as conducive to learning as that provided by RMI.

KTU has also achieved the milestone of performing over 250 kidney transplants, which is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and commitment of the medical team at the hospital.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Qaiser Iqbal said that there were not enough opportunities in kidney transplant training in KP, but now KTU has emerged as a leading institution. He said he is very satisfied in completing the fellowship from RMI KTU. Dr. Muneeb Hassan said that in KP, the results of kidney transplants were not so positive, but here at KTU, the results were very encouraging. Dr. Hassan said that he and Dr. Iqbal had received much attention from their supervisors during the fellowship.

During the ceremony, the hospital administration extended warm wishes to Dr. Qaiser Iqbal and Dr. Mohsin, expressing their hope that the two fellows will continue to be valuable assets to the institution. They further emphasized their belief that these freshly certified professionals would serve as a source of healing and hope for countless patients.