Finance and Billing Department | RMI


Finance is one of the key departments headed by the Sr. Manager Finance and is closely supported by a team of qualified professionals.


The Finance Department deals with regulatory bodies, government departments, and corporations on behalf of the company. They also maintain daily activities of health and educational projects of the institute.



Finance section reviews the entire monetary activities of the organization. Its major functions include but not limited to the following:


  • Dealing with statutory/regulatory matters of the company
  • Have a watch on the overall financial health of the company
  • Arrangements of finances for the company in case of need
  • Liaison with the banks and financial institutes on behalf of RMI
  • Documentation of the company’s AGMs
  • Seeks and suggests opportunities for business expansion, investment, and generating revenue
  • Monitors and ensures allocation and justification of the company’s departmental budget
  • Reporting to management/directors regarding the company’s financial position
  • Coordination with ERP for customization and improvement of the electronic systems
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Dealing with taxation authorities and other corporate bodies
  • Maintenance of financial records of health and education sectors according to the International Standard of Accounts
  • Recording of account receivables and follow-ups for timely collection
  • Payments to vendors, suppliers, contractors, and staff salaries
  • Maintaining a record of staff benefits, health insurance, and gratuity funds
  • Dealing with parties for the reconciliation of accounts
  • Feedback and support in the preparation of various packages
  • Checking and processing of patient bills
  • Keeping a record of fixed assets, their depreciation/amortization, and the movement of stocks in trade
  • Liaison with internal and external auditors