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Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery

The Orthopeadic Department at RMI is a facility that caters Comprehensive Orthopeadic and Trauma related problems. This department is staffed by highly qualified and well trained Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeons. It has the best and latest equipment for all types of surgeries of bones and soft tissues.

We are proud to say that our T&O department has the country's one of the top specialised orthopeadic surgeon who as carried out numerous successful surgeries related to joint replacement, none & soft tissue tumors and all kinds of fractures.



  • RMI's Orthopeadic and Trauma department has fully staffed wards with comprehensive physiotherapy facilities.
  • It is one of the most specialised and busiest unit in the province, providing surgical facilities for replacement surgeries including hip, knee, shoulder and elbow.
  • We also provide latest Arthroscopic Key-hole Surgery and surgeries for all kinds of fractures.
  • The T&O department has a dedicated orthopaedic theatre with Laminar Flow.


Treatments we Offer

1. Fixation of all types of simple and complex fractures involving all joints and bones.

2. Total Hips, knee, shoulder and elbow replacement surgeries. 

3. Revision/ Stroke redo surgeries for field joint replacements.

4. Bone and soft tissue tumor surgeries.

5. Repair of tendon and nerve injuries.


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