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Family Medicine


Family Medicine Department at RMI was established in March 2014. Family Medicine specialty is not limited to diagnosis and treatment of any specific organ or disease. Family physicians are the only specialties qualified to treat most diseases and provide comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages from newborns to elderly.

The department of Family Medicine at RMI serves two purposes, firstly teaching at under graduate level to all professional students which include college teaching as well as hospital based (rural and urban). Secondly a screening clinic for all the general population/ panel clients opting for the screening. Packages are designed as per International Guidelines and are age and gender specific.

Besides the clinical services, 100 hours of undergraduate teaching in the Rehman Medical College as well as in Rehman Medical Institute (hospital rotations) is also provided to the students.

1.    Caring for patients regardless of age and health condition 
2.    Understanding community level factors and social determinants of health 
3.    Serving as a patient’s first contact for health issues 
4.    Considering the impact of a patient’s health on family 
5.    Providing best possible care to patient with regular coordination and follow-ups 

1.    Trained and experienced Family physician, doctors and staff
2.    Limited appointments (up to 03 patients daily)
3.    Patient centered holistic approach
4.    Services delivered with protocol and on priority, no queue time for investigations
5.    Multiple consultations by the family physician.
6.    Team approach with the involvement of Eye Specialists, Radiologists, pathologists and dieticians.
7.    Immediate/urgent appointment with other consultants if needed.

1.    Health screening/ Executive Health Checkups
2.    Counselling services for risks of any treatment or therapy
3.    Pre-Admission checkup of students
4.    Medical checkups of students
5.    Pre-Employment and annual medical checkup

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