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Dermatology-Skincare-Aesthetics-Rehman Medical Institute-Peshawar



RMI's Dermatologists specialise in dealing with clinical aspects of skin diseases and their management.

The Department of Dermatology at Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) is a leading healthcare center in Pakistan providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all types of skin, hair, and nail-related conditions. Our team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced dermatologists is dedicated to delivering the highest level of healthcare to patients and helping them achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

We adhere to European standard guidelines and ensure that procedures are evidence-based. We offer advanced care using a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients of all ages. Our state-of-the-art skin and aesthetic center is equipped with latest technology and machines for treating skin diseases, aesthetic problems, and cosmetic dermatology.

The department offers a wide range of services, including Pico Laser, Pigmentation Removal, Acne Spot Treatment, Permanent Hair Reduction, Facial Contouring with Botox, and Fillers. We specialize in treating common skin diseases such as eczemas, psoriasis, melasma, acne, diffuse hair fall, fungal infections, including nails, and other severe conditions. Additionally, we offer laser facilities for hair removal, acne scars, Cautery & Cryotherapy at our skin and aesthetic center.

Our skin and aesthetic center offers highly advanced care using a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients of all ages, with facilities for hair removal, acne scars, Cautery & Cryotherapy, and more. We offer admissions facilities in both wards and separate rooms. We value our relationship with our patients and ensure that our treatment doesn't end after the procedure but carries on until you are satisfied.

We also believe in educating our patients about contagious skin ailments and promoting a healthy lifestyle. That's why we offer patient education regarding various dermatological diseases, along with a commitment to prevention over cure. With inpatient facilities available throughout the week and outpatient services open six days a week, we serve over 7,000 patients annually. And with our commitment to training the next generation of dermatologists, Rehman Medical College's (RMC) students also gain valuable experience in diagnosing and treating various skin conditions during their clinical rotation at our Dermatology department.

Laser Facilities (Hair removal, Acne Scars, Mole Removal) 
RMI provides laser treatments for removal of hair, moles and acne scars, freckles. 

Pico Laser 
Picosecond laser is a laser device that targets pigments in the skin with very short duration pulses of laser and removes it. It is used to remove Tattoos, Melasma treatment.

Hydrafacial Facilities
Hydrafacial is a combination of cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums. It is comparatively milder than other exfoliation and abrasive procedures which insures no damage to the skin and a skin treatment in presence of medical experts by medical grade equipment.

It is a common skin condition marked by itchy and inflamed patches of skin.

Psoriasis is a dermatological condition in which the skin cells grow abnormally which forms red patches on the skin with white scales. 

Diffuse Hair Fall
Diffuse hair fall is the increase rate of hair fall and subsequently thinning of hair from all over the scalp

Scabies is an itchy skin condition that is caused by a mite known as Scrcoptes scabiei. Intense itching occurs in the area where the mite burrows. The urge to scratch the skin may be strong at night. 

Acne Vulgaris
Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition which is curable.  It presents blackheads and whiteheads and pimples on the skin. The most common areas being affected are face, chest, shoulder and back. 

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the skin loses its pigment cells and it results in the patchy discoloured white skin. 


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