World Kidney Day 2021

World Kidney Day 2021
19 March 2021

World Kidney Day is commemorated annually to emphasize our kidneys' importance to our overall well-being. We must recognize the impact of kidney-related diseases and associated problems on our health and lifestyle. It is essential to normalize the concept of Kidney Transplantation as the best long-term solution for patients suffering from kidney failure. 

World Kidney Day was celebrated on Thursday, 11th March 2021 at Rehman Medical Institute. The medical staff, management, students, and RMI kidney transplant recipients and donors participated in this event to raise awareness regarding prevailing kidney diseases and the importance of kidneys for our overall health. The event was graced by Mr. Taimur Jhagra, Minister for Health & Finance in KP, as the Chief Guest thus displaying his patronage of the region’s population through Quality Health Service Providers such as RMI, and shedding light on the healthcare services and utility of the Sehat Card programme. Prof. Dr. Taqi Toufeeq Khan (Head of Kidney Transplant Unit), Prof. Dr. Nisar Anwar (Head of Nephrology Department), and Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman (Head of Urology Department) addressed the event and advocated for Kidney Transplantation as a best long-term option for patients suffering from kidney failure, and organ donation as a life-saving initiative. 

Towards the end of the session, a panel discussion took place where the audience had a chance to ask the kidney donors and recipients regarding their transplant experience.

Experts at RMI recommend regular screening of all patients with diabetes and hypertension for possible kidney diseases. For more details, visit: