Tips for Healthier Fasting During Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is a time of self-control, meditation and spiritual reflection. Whilst observing this auspicious month of boundless blessings it is advised that one detoxifies the body and soul of all its impurities. 


Tips for Healthier Fasting During Ramadan
16 April 2021

The subsequent guidelines are suggested to make the most of the physical cleansing experience:

1. Do not skip Suhoor

To maintain your strength and energy throughout the long fasting hours one must take proper amounts of nutrients and water during Suhoor. This will assure an active lifestyle throughout the day and those observing a fast can carry out everyday chores and activities without feeling weary and sluggish.

2. Do not overeat during Iftar

It is also advised that one refrains from overindulgence during Iftar to ensure good health. Since the entire concept of Ramadan revolves around spiritual and physical healing and detoxification it is mandatory for those fasting to maintain a balanced diet and observe moderation during Iftar.

3. Avoid deep fried, sweet or processed food

Ramadan is quintessentially synonymous with appetizing cuisines at Iftar. However, to steer clear of any unnecessary weight gain and other health related diseases, it is proposed that consumption of any form of deep fried, sweet or processed food in excess is avoided.

4. Stay hydrated post Iftar

A proper balance between hydration and electrolytes within the human body ensures a long, healthy life. Therefore, it is recommended that proper hydration is observed post Iftar and during the hours of Suhoor to make up for lack of water intake during the long fating hours, especially during summers.

5. Get sufficient sleep

Furthermore, it is essential to get sufficient amount of sleep to steer clear of lethargy. Considering the unusual change of routine during Ramadan, sleep is often compromised and can leave an individual feeling considerably drained and lethargic. Therefore, it is key to set a sleeping cycle accordingly and get adequate amount of sleep to fight exhaustion.

6. Engage in light exercises or walk

Exercise is important for overall good health and well-being. While maintaining a balanced diet and moderation during Ramadan, it is also advised that one engages in any light form of exercise or walk to ensure a healthy lifestyle and agility.