Keeping the Little Ones Healthy This Winter

Keeping the Little Ones Healthy This Winter
01 December 2020

As winter approaches, children are mostly seen indoors; however, during the season, they are more susceptible to falling sick. With the COVID-19 outbreak and flu virus spreading across the globe, parents are becoming more concerned about the health of their children. In light of the World Children’s Day, our experts at RMI have recommended the following strategies for keeping winter-time sickness at bay:

1.    Fun Handwashing Activities

Handwashing is the first and foremost step in preventing the spread of germs. This would not only benefit the children, but can also prevent others from falling ill. Parents need to inculcate hygiene etiquettes in children from an earlier age. In order to do so, it is recommended for parents to research some fun handwashing related ideas. 

2.    Explore Sneaky Ways to Add Vegetables & Fruits in Meals

Fruits and vegetables are well-known for their immunity-boosting properties; however, some kids straight-up refuse to eat them. Parents should explore sneaky-yet-creative ways to introduce healthy foods into their child’s nutrition. Making soups are one way to begin!

3.    Vitamin D & Play Time 

Vitamin D is essential for kids to grow stronger bones. Parents should set a certain playtime for kids during sunlight hours, considering the limited sun exposure kids get from November to February. However, it is strongly recommended for parents to apply sunscreen generously on their child’s skin before exposing them to sunlight. Moreover, letting children play in fresh air is a wonderful way for their bodies to be healthy and active.

4.    Set a Fixed Routine

Various studies indicate that for better behaviour and health, children should adhere to a strict bedtime routine, no later than 8 p.m. to fight off obesity, germs, and promote learning and growth.

5.    Layering is The Key to Beat The Cold

Dressing children in several layers will keep them warm throughout the day. However, overdressing children with bulky thick layers is not recommended. 

World Children’s Day is celebrated to promote the rights of children and for the advocacy for a better future for them. We must pledge to ensure all children have access to quality healthcare, learning, clean water, and are not a subject to child labour. RMI has established a Paediatric Unit that provides all neonatal care including ventilation, cardiac surgeries, and dealing with premature cases. The Paediatric Unit has a playful environment for the psychological comfort of children. The purpose of the unit is to guide parents on their journey to parenthood. Prof. Dr. Shahzada Bakhtyar Zahid is a Consultant & Head of Department Paediatrics at RMI. Dr. Bakhtyar has an extensive paediatric experience and a career spanning over thirty years. His areas of interest include neuro-disabilities, developmental disorders, and congenital heart diseases in children.

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