Hepatitis – A Significant Cause of Deaths Worldwide

Around half a million deaths happen yearly, with hepatitis being one of the significant causes of death with other ailments.

Hepatitis - Leading Cause of Deaths Worldwide
06 December 2022

Each year the World Health Organization spends 6 billion dollars to contain and eradicate hepatitis.


Hepatitis day takes place on the 28th of July annually. This day creates awareness, understanding, and finding a cure for hepatitis and its types through conferences, seminars, and discussion panels organised by the health sector, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other essential stakeholders.


This year’s theme revolves around eliminating hepatitis and witnessing a world that is free of this disease. Diagnosing and treating a hepatitis patient should not be delayed and be treated in time as it impacts the most vital organ of the human body, the inflammation of the liver. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to severe liver disease and hepatocellular cancer.


Hepatitis A and E are the most common types of hepatitis diagnosed among patients in Pakistan, and one of the major causes is consuming contaminated food or drinks. Hepatitis A and E are treatable and don’t result in long-lasting illnesses. In contrast, hepatitis B and C are chronic, caused by shared medical supplies such as needles and injections, and sexually transmitted.


Over the years, with the support from other countries that have advanced in healthcare, Pakistan, through WHO, has been able to obtain formulas for hepatitis medication from international pharmaceutical companies, which are readily available at nominal rates to the locals in Pakistan.


Due to the ongoing research and pharmaceutical advancements, the number of cases reported in 2020 has reduced.


Throughout the year, those affected by it should raise their voices to spread awareness and find a way to get treated by consulting professionals and proper screening and diagnosis of the disease.