Food & Inhalant Allergies

Allergies are caused by the immune system reacting to foreign elements entering your body. A healthy individual with no allergies would deal the foreign elements like pollen, dust, cat hair without experiencing allergic symptoms. It is because these individuals do have an inherent immunity to allergens coupled with histamine tolerance and circulation.

Food & Inhalant Allergies
28 February 2022

While food allergy is caused by food that is genetically modified or one that contains heavy metals that are beyond your body’s capacity to tolerate.

Your immune system attacks the foreign entity, producing antibodies in response. This hyper-exaggerated sensitivity reaction causes allergy and presents symptoms like burning mouth and body rash.



Food Allergy VS Food Sensitivity VS Food Intolerance


Maybe you experience some degree of sneezing, bloating, diarrhea, brain fog, rashes, and other symptoms after a meal. This may have led you to believe that you have a food allergy, but it is not true always.


It is possible that you have food sensitivity and intolerance. It’s important because some of these reactions can be just annoying to life-threatening. Food allergy is an IG-E mediated immune response to a food that causes severe anaphylactic symptoms that includes wheezing and hives.



On the other hand, food sensitivity is diffuse and poorly understood reaction to a food with vague symptoms. These include bloating, migraines, joint pains, brain fog, and diarrhea. Food intolerance happens when you lack an enzyme needed to break down certain food types. This triggers digestive issues resulting in GI distress and intolerance commonly running in the families.




RMI 24/7 Support System Is Now In Action


RMI has introduced food and inhalant allergen tests from a blood sample for the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We check food and inhalant allergens against more than 40 food types and allergens against your blood sample.


Eliminating the food type from your daily routine help eliminate food allergy. At the same time, we have vaccination regimens for the inhalant allergens helping compromised persons cope in their lives. We also offer this service at your doorsteps with RMI Home Health Services.