Sehat Card Programme - Rehman Medical Institute (RMI)

Sehat Card Plus Programme

Access to complete healthcare is a basic human right. To make that right accessible to all, RMI, in Partnership with the Government of KPK, has made their facilities available to all KP residents.


The Sehat Card Plus Programme is an initiative of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that ensures all residents of KPK have access to quality medical healthcare regardless of their financial situation. The Sehat Card facility features Health Insurance worth Rs. 1,000,000 (per family) for all residents of KPK. Furthermore, each family can avail of up to Rs. 400,000 for tertiary healthcare and Rs.40,000 for secondary healthcare services.


These benefits can be availed by the residents of KPK until the insured limit is exhausted. If in case the allocated amount is consumed and further treatment is required, additional policies will be followed as stipulated by the State Life Insurance Company (SLIC). Allowances for facilities such as funerals and transport fare post-discharge are also covered under the Sehat Card Plus.


Following are the services covered under the Sehat Card Plus programme at RMI: 

•    Cardiac Surgery 
•    Cardiology 
•    Paediatric Cardiology 
•    Kidney Transplant 
•    Nephrology 
•    Haemodialysis for Chronic Renal Disease 
•    Cancer Treatment 
•    Breast Cancer Screening 
•    Neurosurgery 
•    Other Tertiary Care Services & Surgical Procedures 


We are committed to quality and excellence. RMI, a leading healthcare institute in the region is happy to provide premium services to the residents of KP in collaboration with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 



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