Guidline for International Patients

Guidline for International Patients

Hospital to hospital advisory

  • Foreign hospital mails the patient data to our Patient Relation & Welfare Department.
  • Problem will be discussed with the respective consultant 
  • According to the diagnostic advice, the PR department will inform the patients whether the treatment is available or not.
  • Issue letter to the foreign hospital shall be mailed regarding the availability of treatment. 
  • Receive the patient at hospital.


Afghan patients

  • Serious patients are facilitated with the help of referral slip provided by the army doctors at the border. Referral slip is provided due to visa or passport issues (validity for 3 days only)
  • Without passport no PR card will be issued.
  • Passport will be checked whether the entry stamp is present or not.
  • 20 registered translators are on board with RMI for facilitating the Afghan patients.
  • According to Pakistan’s policy, after 15 days the patient will have to cross the broader & have to enter the KP again.


Passport and visa

These services can be availed from any authorized travel agent.


For Further information Contact

Phone Number: +92 - 91- 5838666




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