15 January 2019

Rehman Medical Institute and The First Hospital of Lanzhou University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

One Belt One Road is the Chinese Government's pivotal development strategy aimed at infrastructural development and investments in Europe, Africa and Asia. It encompasses CPEC as a crucial project between Pakistan and China. The developmental and cooperative nature of the project has brought Rehman Medical Institute and The First Hospital of Lanzhou University to collaborate for medical facilities.

The First Hospital of Lanzhou was founded in 1948. With a history of 70 years, it has developed into a comprehensive modern hospital, providing medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention, healthcare, rehabilitation as well as emergency treatment. At present, the hospital has 57 clinical department, 10 medical technical departments, and 2686 beds with highly qualified staff including 109 PhDs.

Dr. Aman Nawaz from RMI visited China to attend the 4th Annual Meeting of CCMA in Nanjing, China. He signed Memorandum of Understanding with his Chinese counterpart as the Rehman Medical Institute, and The First Hospital of Lanzhou University agreed to collaborate in medical facilities. Both parties agreed to cooperate on multi-centre research and co-publishing literature, the fellowship of mutual physicians, and short-term training and clinical guidance between the two hospitals.


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