Finance and Billing Department

Headed by finance manager, a team of professionals is taking care of all the financial activities of the hospital. It is said that the finance people are only bookish and has no contact with the people but here at RMI we have changed this misconception, from the cashier, who is first point of contact till the final billing counter every individual understands the need and requirement of the person standing in front of him. This team of professionals is located almost at every floor of the hospital. But the main office and billing section is located at the heart of the building, the main lobby, to facilitate and simplify the finance procedures for the patients.

Following are the key responsibilities of the RMI's Finance department:

  • The application and implementation of financial regulations, financial systems
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Allocation of funds
  • Maintenance of accurate and auditable financial records
  • Management of account payable and account receivable ledgers
  • Data entry of all the financial transactions
  • Payments to vendors, suppliers, contractors and staff salaries.
  • Periodic Preparation and presentation of financial reports
  • Billing department
  • Account payables
  • Section for salaries and benefits
  • Taxation department
  • Inventory store (other than pharmacy store)



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